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I’ve kept DJI Phantom3 (BUY)for a quiet long time, although the craft of mine wasn’t so well. It happened to be Spring Festival holiday, I had a date with my close friend,and discussed the technique while playing it together.  Following is some pictures at that time, DJI Phantom3 (BUY)was mine,DJI Phantom3 (BUY) belonged to her.

I was always interesting in latest electronic product,especially in niche parts like drone which seemed like professional.  So after model Phantom4 was published last year ,I bought model phantom3S(standard) at the price of 2999RMB,it’s true that every single time when I started playing it, there would crowded around to have a look. I’m satisfied with it.

Compare to model 3A and 3P, model 3S mainly delete vision orientation system and Light bridge image transmission. I thought it would be enough to have 500-1000m distance lens, cause there ’re edifices all over the city so that it can’t fly far away anyway, 4K video is not necessary, more importantly, neither model 3A nor 4K is available, only model 3P can do it. As a poor student, I chose the primary one-3S at last——I’m regretting now…

Same as helicopter, when unmanned aerial vehicle go forward and back, even rotate up the sky, all these rely on inclined propeller plane. The different is, most unmanned aerial vehicles have 4~8 axles, increase or decrease the elevating force among some of them to change position, so we can make the propeller and motor is unseparated. We can see that the motor is little inclined, in order to ensure the stability and flexibility. The stickers of model 3S’ s airfoil is red, for 3A is silver, for 3P is gold.

The deleted edition handset for model 3S, single antenna, short transmission distance, only a cell phone is suitable to set.

At the linking part between PAN HEAD and vehicle there’s a rubber ball as a buffer. It’s used to eliminate the disturb for the pictures of camera from some heavy shake.

TF card placed at the top of the camera, 8G storage volume is for bundle, that’s stingy, last year 16G only for thirty something RMB.

There’s nothing at the bottom of 3S which seemed a little strange. At the same position for 3A and 3P it is visual locational system, work the same as sonar principle. GPS guarantee the stability. DO NOT try to fly indoor where cannot receive GPS signal or it would be a disaster.

Wang Feng used phantom2V carrying ring to propose seemed easy but actually it has quiet high requirement for the player.

Each battery for phantom3 series can only work for 23~25 minutes, it’s definitely not enough, so I bought extra one.

4480mAh * 15.2V ≈ 68Wh,in case many of you cannot recognize, mAh is quantity of electric charge, the unit is C,Wh is energy, the unit is J.

Under the brand case is an interface of black box, it’s available for deriving flight data, mostly being used when there were an accident.

When install the propeller, the top of the black spots of the motor to be equipped with black hat paddle, do not install it wrong. Dedicated clip I generally find it troublesome, others I do not know, but I myself always direct screwed it.

In the outdoor if the sun is strong,phone screen brightness is not enough,  it is recommended that the flat panel plus hood, 3A and 3P comes with a shelf tablet phone can put. 3S users can see if there is no plate rack can be equipped with, then buy one yourself.

playing experience

Novice should taking the putter amplitude small and slow, the speed of the aircraft is quite fast, the official data said the rising speed max = 5m / s, the level of flight speed max = 57.6km / h, that’s even more speedy than the limited speed of cars in the city.

There is also a push-drop / drop button (above) in DJI GO that can be used by even those who are too lazy to control the vehicle to take off.

The following automatic return is the basic to be used each time, fly far from the naked eye can see, you should first return, until it came to visual range, and then manually landed. General GPS still have some errors, with the uncertainty surrounding the trees and other debris, semi-low-altitude or manual will be much more safety.


Model 3S is a quiet nice toy, cheap and quality, with the brand was trusty(unlike others), Model 3S is a quiet nice toy, cheap and quality, with the trusty brand (unlike others), it’s easy to control, inexpensive to learn, but the functional part won’t be professional. For example, if you want to make specialty video, the phantom 4pro is made for you

If you just want to have a try, without wasting your time learning photo processing and post production, then 3S is a good choice for its cheap price. If you asking for the quality of your works, then choose 3A or 3P.


Shooting just for fun, ‘Yu’ series will be great, cause the weight of phantom series are inconvenient to carry.


For making video, 4pro is the best choice.


Professional video, production, inspire2+X5S is good, but can’t afford even 3S? What a pity.

General speaking, 3S doesn’t have any shortage, but here’s my perspective: without visual locational system, the stability will present unsatisfactory. The distance and clarity of pictures transmission can be improved.The signal is weak to receive, even possible to lose our photos when it came to some areas with much more disturb signal. My advise is to learn more at forum to purchase an equipment which can boosts signal. You can buy it wherever you want.

you can buy Phantom 4 Pro 


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