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Recently, a large number of armored vehicles in the “Middle East” were attacked by air and suffered as much as 30 damaged vehicles, mainly wheeled armored personnel carriers and armored jeeps. This type of “air attack” was extremely subtle and precise. The hammer attack from armored vehicles’ top where is the weakest part of its whole body, the attack is extremely accurate, target for the carrier armored vehicles, even the “Stryker”  have been attacked, resulting in casualties.

The armed drone

Later, it was ascertained that this was a “new weapon” used a civilian type “DJI drone” of our country. “DJI” is a “four-helix-wing” electric drone. Its integrated capacity of carrying, flight stability and flight speed is the best electric screwdriver in the world. Even the U.S. military imports a large quantities of it.About the middle of this year, It’s suggested that the “DJI” drone can be used in first-line operations. Its stability system can withstand the recoil of machine pistol. Its load capacity can carry MP5, MP7 and 30 rounds of ammunition. Its camera as aiming system.

Photo by drone’s camera

The DJI used in the Middle East is being considered as also a theory summed up by converting, installed firearms into “trigger bombs” and stabilizing systems (feathers or small parachutes) on the bombs to control drop stability, The lower part of the camera slightly modified (the original one is also good) has become the electronic navigation or aiming system.

The destroyed armored Jeep

This type of drone can demonstrated great power once being put into battle field, small size, affixed to the flight (2 meters below), high flight speed and so on showed its advantages. In addition to throwing bombs it can also impact itself, the operation of good technology can make it explode at the bottom of the car (armored jeep often have a high chassis). The achievement was remarkable. More than 30 armored personnel carriers have been destroyed in less than 40 days. Even the most modernize “Stryker” have been bombarded by a “big hole,” causing casualties.

Drone is being attacked by missile

Because of this type of drone is too small, mobility, abruptly attack is fierce. Air defense guns did not much damage to them, anti-aircraft missiles can not locked its position (drone is smaller than the anti-aircraft missiles, and its minimum flight altitude is lower than the minimum height of the missile attack), they cannot handle with this type of drone shortly, only to ask for God’s help.

Anti-drone ejector

Not long ago, the “Stinger” anti-aircraft missiles were proposed to improve the size and propulsion system for attack. However, no matter how long the minimum sting and attack range of Stinger can be improved to 他the standard that within 30 meters and within 2 meters from the ground, the final hope is that “anti-drone ejector” hurry up to equip the troops for signal-interference defense.

Nowadays, the home product large scale drone of China spectacular showed its appearance in Beijing’s Air Show.

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