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Recently it has been popular to play the drone. We can see some online continuous posted magnificent aerial footage and photos, want it? But the drone is still a very new thing, it is not easy to find someone professionally to instruct.

However, we have the most complete guide for beginners buying for drones so you can enjoy the fun and chose your own drone.



Enjoy playing with drone

Many consumers worried that they do not know how to operate drone, but in fact today’s drone has joined a large number of new technologies, it is not difficult to operate. However, not all drones have these new technologies. If you do not want to put them aside only because you do not understand the operation, we must pay attention to the following keywords:



Remote control

To control your drone, there is always a remote control. The remote control of the drone is mainly divided into three types:


Cell phone / tablet remote control: more and more drones can be used in mobile phone or tablet, through the somatosensory operation. Compared to the traditional remote control, it has the advantages of smaller, lighter, easier to use through the somatosensory operation; but its disadvantage is unstable WiFi signal connection, caused the long-distance flight is easy to break in the suburbs of the open environment, usually about 50-100 meters will be broken); Moreover, although its operation intuitive, but it is difficult to make very precise movements, in other words: easy to learn but difficult to specific. Conventional Remote Control Operation: Although more and more drones are switched to handset control, the most regular drones are still operated with conventional remote controls (some can be used with a cellphone or tablet). Compared to the phone, the remote control is cumbersome and difficult to use; however, its signal is much more stable than the phone, and the remote control distance is far (the general remote control range is at 100 meters or above). Remote control is more difficult for beginners to learn, but once familiar with it, it is easier to carry out complicated and precise flight actions. (Pictured above) Watches, bracelets, voice controls, etc. In recent years, many drones manufacturers have developed various new remote control tools, but these new technologies are not yet mature enough for beginners to avoid as much as possible .



The newest advance drone understands “self-stability”: when it takes off even if you do nothing and touch nothing, it hovers at the same height and in the same place without drifting, it moves when you pushes the joystick, and stops when you stop it. So, even if you do not know how to fly at all, you are not afraid of losing your plane, and you have time to learn it slowly. However, it is not true that any quadcopter can be self-stabilizing. When you choose, you must meet the following conditions …

In outdoor self-stability, drone must have both GPS and barometer; Indoor self-stability, drone must have both visual positioning and ultrasound set high;


image transmission

When a drone flies high and flies a long way, it becomes so small that can not even be seen by the naked eye. At this time we may not see the drone in exactly position, We do not know what direction it is flying, then it will be very difficult to control the flight path of the drone. We wanted to know what are the drones looking at and made it easier for us to operate, so we needed Live Image Transfer, or “Legend” (at below), or somebody called FPV (First Person View).

When we buy drones, in addition to pay attention to whether it is pictured, but also pay attention:


Pictured distance:Many drone manufacturers will be advertised the maximum distance between pictures, but in fact the transmission distance is easily interfered by subjects and seriously shortened. To the open suburban area calculation, the general operation of the drone mobile phone, map transmission distance of mostly 50-100 meters, while the traditional remote control operation of the drone, map transmission distance of 100-300 meters, while the high-end Man-machine, and can even be as far as 500 meters. When purchasing drones, do not believe manufacturers “maximum distance” publicity, it is best to know more about the product’s reputation. Pictorial quality: Pictorial distance although important, but picture quality should be emphasize too: more clear pictorial quality, will allow you to more clearly understand the dynamics of the flight. At present, the mainstream of the drone picture quality 360-480p-based, part of the advanced UAV also 720p-level HD picture quality. Buy drones to aerial photography

For the vast majority of consumers, the most attractive to the drone must be “aerial photography”: the scenery under the camera lens, how magnificent is more magnificent. However, if we want to buy a drone to aerial photography, what is worth noticing?


camera lens

Despite the fact that today’s photographic technology has developed rapidly, most aerial photographing machines are unable to use professional lenses due to load-bearing limitations. Although manufacturers may name various parameters, the resulting imaging quality is equally variable.

Quality: Although many drones’ claim that they have 4k or 1080p ultra-high definition quality, but in fact a lot of the actual quality of drone is still not ideal. In addition to pay attention to the resolution of the purchase, but also pay more attention and low light shooting conditions, as well as affect the video fluency “frame rate” (FPS) (4k should be less than 24 cells, 1080p should be not less than 30 Grid is better). Horizons: Since aerial enthusiasts love a wider and magnificent landscape, many drones are equipped with wide-angle lenses. However, generally wide-angle camera (100-170 degree field of view) will make the picture seriously distorted (straight into arc), but advertised without distortion of wide-angle lens, the field of view is generally narrow (80-100 degrees).


cradle head

If you want to take aerial video, the image stabilizer, cradle head , is a must (as below). Because drones often swing very swiftly in flight, the video shot can turn like a roller coaster without the help of a cradle head. Moreover, a good cradle head allows you to adjust the camera angle, let you in the sky vertically overlooking the ground.


Triaxial cradle head:This physical cradle head (as top) provides the best image stabilization, but at a higher cost and throwing it at a loss; in addition, because of its structural problems, it can make the drone more bulky, Difficult to secure storage. Electronic cradle head: Through the electronic image stabilization technology, stabilized the shaking picture, but the current drone camera anti-shake technology is not yet very mature, anti-shake capability is still limited; video after anti-shake treatment, to some extent Will affect the quality. However, its greatest advantage is lightweight, and not easy to break.


Traveling with drone

At many times when we are traveling, will deliberately bring the camera to record every wonderful moment. In recent years, after the popularity of the drone, more and more people travel with drones to find more beautiful scenery through aerial photography . Then when we choose the travel used drones, what should we pay attention to?

convenient for carrying

Drones for travel used, the focus of course is to be portable. However, it shouldn’t be the only advantage:

Large drones: diagonal wheelbase from 350mm (zero XIRO Xplorer 4k) to 581mm (Xinjiang Inspire 1 Pro) around. The bigger the drones’ wheelbase is, the heavier the drones are. However, the bigger the wheelbase is, the stronger the wind resistance is and the better the stability is. The drone also has more peace of mind when it comes to flying or aerial photography. The small drone: ​​diagonal wheelbase From 240mm (Parrot Bebop 1st generation) to 300mm (Habson H501s) around. Drones with smaller wheelbase are easier to carry, but their resistance to wind is relatively weaker and their stability is poorer.



Everyone wants to enjoy flying while traveling, but the current drone endurance is still not ideal, so if you do not want to travel without drone out of electric, we should pay more attention to the issue of battery :


Battery:General advanced drone flight time is only about 15-30 minutes, low-end drone flight is often less than ten minutes, intends to take a drone to travel, may have to prepare a few more batteries; however, at present Drone batteries are expensive to buy and have a certain weight. When buying drones, the cost of a spare battery must be considered. Battery charging: At present, only a small number of low-end drones can be charged with devices such as USB or portable source; the vast majority of advanced drone batteries must use an exclusive charger; therefore, do not think that with a USB portable source , you can not have a battery or charger.



Recommendation for purchasing

Most commonly choice


Phantom 4:it is just launched and has the strongest current 5km map of the drone distance, but also the current drone aerial system to follow the binocular obstacle avoidance function, coupled with its excellent 4k shooting camera and the same level The longest flight time, making it the highest average capability of the drone. Although its biggest weakness is the relatively high selling price (official pricing:  RMB 8,999) and relatively bulky body type, it remains unobstructed as the most popular drone at the moment.

XIRO Xplorer 4k:Launched last year, the XIRO Xplorer, despite being out of touch with poor images and less-than-ideal camera lenses, has attracted a lot of beginners with a cool look and a very portable, detachable design. Zero this year it adds more with the new 1.2km map and 4k radar head, dramatically improving its weakness, and its lens can also be used as a hand-held cradle head. It may still not be as good as the Phantom 4 overall, but the official 3999’s pricing and relatively portable design make it probably the most cost-effective drone.


the choice for large-scale drone


Inspire 1 Pro:Currently on the market the ability to shoot the most capable aerial camera, the only one. Inspire 1 Pro is the heaviest, the most clunky and the most expensive consumer-grade drone (official pricing: RMB 17,999), but if you want the most professional aerial quality, the current consumer drones are only Inspire 1 Pro can use non-camera level camera lens. You want to be the most professional aerial photography expert? Inspire 1 Pro will not let you down.


Yuneec Q500 4k:The weight of the Q500 4k is similar to that of a typical 350mm drone, but the large wheelbase of 550mm makes it one of the most stable consumer-grade models. It also has a 4k lens, also with the XIRO Xplorer 4k, the lens can be removed as a handheld cradle head. Maybe it’s not as robust as the Inspire 1 Pro, but its relatively light body and relatively low selling price (official Lynx store: RMB 5,288) will be the entry point for photographers to embark on aerial photography for the first time.


the choice for traveling used


Bebop 2:Parrot is a well-known overseas drone company. The Bebop 2 that they launched last year is one of the few drones that can provide excellent endurance for more than 20 minutes. It is also priced at 3998 yuan at the official Lynx store Should, 290mm petite body drive and the same level of the strongest electronic cradle head, it can still be under extreme portability shooting ability, it can be said as the most portable aerial drone. But it has to be connected to the drone via a cell phone’s Wi-Fi connection, making the signal extremely susceptible to interference, making it harder for users to fly long distances; if you want to be at peace of mind, you have to buy a more bulky, and more expensive Skycontroller exclusively remote control.


H501s:Hubsan’s small drone, but with all the internal organs: Bebop 2 body (300mm wheelbase), it still has advanced GPS and barometric pressure drone equipped. However, it requires a traditional remote control, so it is still not as portable as the Bebop 2, but it also flies higher and farther than the Bebop 2 due to its traditional remote control. Its biggest drawback is that without any physical or electronic cradle head, the quality of video it makes is appalling. Nevertheless, by virtue of its lightweight body, and the official Lynx shop 1499 yuan low price, making it the best entry drones.

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